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The Republic of South Africa continues to be the locomotive in economic power of the continent, with its thriving economy and its strong financial structure, which undoubtedly awaits to be rediscovered by excitement and innovation. South Africa is a growing market that is increasingly ready for cooperation and which places business people at the center of  Africa  ​South Africa has the largest port on the continent and the most advanced financial sector, harboring the world's most valuable mineral reserves at its borders, due to its high labor force and is the gateway to the continent in all areas, South Africa holds an important place in the world economy, South Africa is one of the G-20 countries and has a high buying power, and in recent years South Africa will become more visible in the world with its developing economy, which is a key ground for investors wishing to enter the African continent. South African government recently established an investment desk to increase economic mobility, which will allow new companies to move faster in South Africa.​

South Africa imports main consumer goods from several countries and leads as the most powerful country in the Africa continent also by doing business with the other countries, therefore this exciting country offers a serious potential market with a population over 100 million to our exhibitors.
Countries doing business via South Africa / Johannesburg, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Swaziland, Lesotho, Angola